Panty Bingo for the Bridal Shower!

Now that midterms are over, I have time for more important things.

Such as planning a bridal shower. My dear friend Julia is getting married in December and as maid of honor, I’ve been given the duty of planning a bridal shower. Fortunately, there is also a matron of honor, so it isn’t all on me. We decided on a lingerie/panty party theme for the shower. Julia doesn’t want a bachelorette party and I don’t want her to miss out on getting tons of pretty lacy things, so a panty brunch it is!

Deciding on entertainment was a bit tough. She isn’t a fan of the usual games that people play at these things (and to be honest, neither am I), but I also didn’t like the idea of NOT having a game, so I created my own: Panty Bingo

lingerie bingo cards, panty bingo, bridal shower bingo, bachelorette shower bingoAnd here is a close up of one of the cards:

lingerie bingo cards, panty bingo, bridal shower bingo, bachelorette shower bingoEach guest will receive a card (they are all the same), but they get to fill out the remaining boxes with what they think the bride might receive as gifts. When the bride starts opening presents, everyone has their cards completely filled out and can mark things off as they are opened. Guest can be strategic. For instance, if she opens something that could fall under ‘Thong’ or ‘Matching Set’, they can choose which one to mark off – but they can’t go back and change their answer! Like normal bingo, the first person to get to 5 in a row wins. We’ve got a little $10 gift card as the prize.

Now, how to make them? The background is just cardstock I bought at a scrapbooking store. They were 12″ x 12″ pieces that I cut into 4 – 6″ x 6″ pieces. The game boards are printed on some resume paper I already had and then attached to the cardstock with small metal brads poked through paper flowers. I bought the paper flowers separately and just pieced them together how I wanted in order to coordinate with the rest of the shower. The flowers I bought came in a variety pack of sizes so it was easy to mix and match.

The hard part was creating the board. I knew I wanted little cartoon pictures and not real images because I thought real images would look a little tacky. But it was harder than I thought to find the pictures I wanted (or at least find them for free). I ended up doing image search for ‘lingerie icons’ or ‘panty vectors’ which would take me to various websites where people post pictures that you can pay for and download. Now, if you’re feeling lazy, you can just pay for the images, but some of them are pricey (I mean, $20 for a cartoon drawing of a bra? Um, no). So I just downloaded the images with the watermarks on them and then opened them in PhotoPad on my ipad (free app). Since the pictures are all black and white, it was very simple to retouch them. Then I saved them to my dropbox and opened them on my computer to crop and insert into tables in MS Word. Most of my wasted time was spent trying to find the free pictures. Once I committed to doing my own re-touching, It was fairly easy.

I created the bingo template in Word. Just insert a table with set row and column measurements and drop in the pictures. I didn’t worry about the overall size of the board. I just printed to PDF and then cropped the PDF and shrunk it down to whatever size I needed. Then just print, cut, and assemble your game boards.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound that easy, but I swear it wasn’t too bad. I also do baby showers:

Yup, that is a watermelon baby carriage. I always make a point of making sure that there is something healthy at gatherings I go to, and I just couldn’t pass this one up!

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