Building that sleep deficit

Another night of less than adequate sleep. This time I will blame that third glass of wine. I knew I should have stopped at two! My original plan going into the date was to order my dinner with no regard to whether it was healthy and focus on eating moderately and to limit myself to two glasses of wine. Why didn’t I make an effort to order more healthfully? Several reasons:

  • the menu just didn’t lend itself to order healthy
  • the restaurant is ranked one of the Ten Best Restaurants in Atlanta (it is #10, Sotto Sotto) so I want to enjoy it
  • I haven’t eaten anything “bad” all week and I am a big fan of having at least one indulgent meal a week. It my experience, having a cheat meal or whatever you want to call it reduces the likelihood of me going hog wild one day and eating everything in sight. Additionally there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that a weekly cheat meal is good for your overall metabolism and weight loss efforts because the influx of calories shocks your system out of the “starvation mode” that a lot of people can get into when trying to lose weight.

Now, on to the food. If you happen to check out their menu online, you’ll see that it sounds pretty awesome. When I asked my good friend Julia (who does PR in Atlanta and is very in the know about restaurants) what to get, she basically told me everything was awesome and I couldn’t go wrong if I tried. So I made a mental list of what I thought I might like, asked the waitress what she would recommend, and then picked whatever she recommended that also happened to be what I thought I wanted.

I started with a Mista salad at the recommendation of my date. Although I generally shy away from salads in the early phase of dating (this was a second date) because I get food stuck in my teeth, I didn’t want to just sit there and fiddle with my napkin while he ate his. Good salad. Just field greens, radish, onion, tomatoes, and cucumbers tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar (my favorite dressing combo). For my main course, I opted to order smaller portions of two different pastas:

Tortelli di Michelangelo (photo compliments of this review – I can’t exactly whip out a camera on a date!): This was soooooo good. Ravioli stuffed with veal, chicken, and pork in a light butter/sage sauce. I had initially told myself that I wasn’t going to eat everything on my plate…but I did. I just couldn’t help it.

Risotto ai Fruitti di Mare: The photo above comes from an aptly named article called 100 Thing to Eat Before You Die. Lots of butter, cream, and cheese went into this dish before tossing in the various shellfish. So so good. If I could have licked the insides of the mussel shells and still come off as a classy lady, I think I would have. The thought certainly crossed my mind.

Strozzapreti all Salsiccia: My date ordered the above dish. He’s been to this place a few times and knew what he wanted. And while I may not be uncouth enough to lick my plate, I have absolutely no qualms about stealing bites of food from his plate (I use the term ‘steal’ loosely because I always ask before diving into someone else’s plate. Nonetheless, I’ve never been told no and if a guy even hesitated about sharing his food with me or looked uneasy about it, it would be a dealbreaker for me). His dish was also delicious (Julia wasn’t lying about everything being good), but I personally think my choices were better.

We also shared dessert, which I thought was unremarkable. I had a couple of bites before putting my spoon down and concentrating on my wine. If you don’t LOVE what you’re eating, there is no point in continuing to eat it (especially if it is high calorie).

Overall, a very delicious and satisfying meal. Worth every calorie.

My demise came after dinner (and lets recall that this was a later meal than I am accustomed to) when he wanted to go get another drink at a bar around the corner. Although well past my school night bedtime and already two drinks in, I was enjoying his company so I went along. One more glass of wine won’t hurt, right?


Although I love wine, drinking has a lot of negative side effects for me when I go past two glasses. It adversely affects my sleep the night of. I will have no trouble falling asleep, but as soon as the alcohol is metabolized, my sleep starts to get restless. I wake up a lot and the quality of sleep if I remain in bed is pretty subpar. It also doesn’t help that I always get hot at night when I’ve had too much to drink. I loathe sleeping when I’m too warm. Then, when I’m out of bed I start to feel the familiar red wine headache.

So while I had a fantastic evening and can’t really say that I regret the third glass, I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that I can leave work early enough to squeeze in a nap before working out this evening. Here’s hoping!

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