10 Best Healthy Foods at Costco

Today I noticed that I was out of one of my favorites foods, so I headed over to Costco to stock back up. Here are my favorite health food items to buy at Costco:

1. Wholly Guacamole – This was the food that prompted this particular trip to Costco. I LOVE guacamole, but I am way too busy to make it myself. Reasons why I love this product (aside from the fact that guacamole is an excellent source of healthy fat and it is super yummy): You get a lot for your money (I paid $8.99 for three pounds of guacamole), it stays fresh a long time (The box contains 4 pouches. I freeze three and then cut the tip of the fourth pouch. I squeeze out what I want and then cover with plastic wrap and put in the fresh. I’ve had pouches last more than a week this way without going brown), the ingredient list is what you would expect to find in guacamole (If you don’t pay attention to the ingredient list, you could end up with a product that contains more chemicals and fillers than anything else. I swear I once read an ingredient list that didn’t even include avocado!).

2. Boca Burgers – I was once a vegetarian and still enjoy a lot of foods that people think are just for vegetarians. I like Boca Burgers because they are quick, easy, versatile, and a good source of protein AND fiber. I particularly like the Costco Boca Burgers because they are larger than the burgers you buy a the grocery store, but still only 100 calories each and contain 19g of protein and 6g of fiber. Hard to beat! And they go really well with the guacamole mentioned above.

3. Fage 0% Greek Yogurt – I will be honest and say that even though I’ve been eating this yogurt for awhile now, I still can’t eat it plain. There is just a little too much of that yogurt bite to it. However, a sprinkling of stevia solve that problem instantly, which is good because greek yogurt is an great source of lean protein and calcium (which are both essential for workout nuts like myself). My favorite way to eat this product is with stevia and ground flaxseed. Yum! Also, at $4.99 for a 1000g tub at Costco, it is by far the cheapest you’ll find this product.

4. Pacific Salmon Burgers – Much like my guacamole, I like this product a lot for the ingredient list. The burgers are made from Pacific salmon (which is better for you than Atlantic – Atlantic is code for ‘farm-raised’ and I am not particularly fond of eating fish that grew up on an unnatural grain diet while swimming in their own poop–TMI, I know) and they don’t contain any weird ingredients. Salmon is a great way to get some protein and omega-3 fats into your diet. And the burger form is really easy to cook. I usually just pop one into a saute pan and cook it on the stove top. Serve with your favorite veggie and dinner is done!

5. Turkey Burgers – Like the salmon burgers, I like these for their convenience. These burgers also happen to be made from turkey breast meat. I want to emphasize the breast meat because that is what makes these burgers a healthy choice. If a turkey burger does not specify that it is breast meat, then it probably isn’t that healthy and will include dark meat and possibly some skin (which is just fat).

6. Organic Spinach – Dark leafy green vegetables are a staple in my diet and spinach is easily my favorite. Although a 1lb tub of spinach is a bit aggressive for a single woman, it is a very versatile food and I use it in a ton of different ways: salads, omelets, soups, sauteed with olive oil and used asa side dish. I don’t usually have any problems eating it all. And if you think you might, just eat what you can in salads and cook the rest. Cooked foods will keep a bit longer after they are cooked. Also, these are pretty cheap at Costco: $4.99/lb.

7. Organic frozen berries – I have two different items pictured above: Organic blueberries and an organic berry blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. First off, I think it is great that I can find organic frozen fruit at a reasonable price (at $11 for 3lbs, I wouldn’t say they are a steal, but that is a decent price). I also prefer berries over other fruits because they are lower on the glycemic index (e.g. less sugar and full of fiber). I’m a big fan of using the fruit in smoothies, but they also go well mixed into Greek Yogurt.

8. Baby Bella Mushrooms – these are some of my favorite mushrooms and $3.99 for a pound of them is an excellent price. Like the spinach, 1lb of mushrooms seems like a lot, but after reserving some for salads, I like to either slice them up and saute with onions for an omelet or roast them whole with olive oil for a nice side dish to a meal. Love, love, love mushrooms.

9. Sugar free chewing gum – Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a gumaholic. Seriously, I go through sugar free gum like you wouldn’t believe. Sugar free gum (and it MUST be sugar free…as the daughter of a dental hygienist, I must warn you that chewing sugary gum is AWFUL for your teeth) is good for you in a number of ways. It freshens your breath through its flavor and by stimulating your salivary glands which help wash away bacteria and plaque on your teeth. For those of you with an oral fixation like myself, gum can also keep you from mindlessly eating when you aren’t hungry. Be careful though, if chewed in large quantities, the sugar alcohols can cause quit a bit of stomach distress that could get smelly (I speak from experience).

10. Kirkland Energy Shots – Okay, so these last two aren’t exactly foods, but they help me lead a healthy life, so I am including them. These are basically Costco’s version of 5 hour energy shots and they are pretty fantastic. In addition to being RIDICULOUSLY cheaper than 5 hour energy ($34.99 for 48 bottles), they are just as effective. These shots wake me up in the morning but don’t make me jittery like some products do. I also like that they are in shot form. I recently read that energy drinks were becoming the new “evil” drink in the dentistry world because of their corrosive effects on teeth, similar to soda.

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8 thoughts on “10 Best Healthy Foods at Costco

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  2. Hey, so I bought the guacamole and am using your tip about cutting off the tip and covering with plastic wrap to keep fresh, but it kind of leaks this dark juice out in my fridge. Is this normal?

    • Hi Elle! Yes, that is common. It has to do with the fluid content of the guacamole and what happens when it is exposed to air. Keep the open tip pointed up by either leaning the package against something or (as I often do) propping the bag up within a small Ziploc storage bowl. This will keep any moisture from being exposed to air (because gravity will be pulling it away from the opening).

  3. Thanks for this post! I share your sentiments about Costco’s guacamole. I have been training for a marathon and the guacamole and a cup of spinach/arugula hits the spot after a long run.

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